Top courses to study In 2019

 Top Courses to Study  in 2019
1.Agric: The No1 course is agriculture, so any course related to agriculture is a very good course to study, this is because people will never stop eating. So if people continue to eat the agriculturists will continue to be very important to man. 

2. Medicine : Medicine has gotten so advanced and in a funny way it keeps getting important day after day,  women will still continue to give birth, new sicknesses, viruses and diseases arise everyday and it is the work of the medical doctors and science related courses to put an end to it. 

3. Accounting : This course has been an hot cake and that will remain as it is. People depend so much on having a bank account because of the ease in which we can transfer money now. Even the old and frail now have bank accounts..  
Other courses like business administration are also very lucrative but the number of unemployed graduates in the  courses are high. To stand out,you have to get an extraordinary result or have connections(with God or Man) 

4. Computer Science /Engineering :This is a super dope course trust me on that.  Humans can no longer survive without the use of the telephone or the pc(personal computer) Infact users increase every day. Examples of people in this field are Steve Jobs,  Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Can you see its a super dope course? 

5. Law : Law as a profession will continue to remain relevant cos they are the judiciary (last hope of the common man).  It's a super dope course that requires hardwork and perseverance. 
If there is any course Ve omitted pls let me know.  

Other super dope courses includes
+Mechatronics Engineering - combination of mechanical and electronics engineering with a little of computer engineering 
+International Relations 
+Business Administration  etc. 

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