Friends in Love. Episode 17

Friends in Love


Written by Ace
 Episode 17
*continued from last episode*
'Hello' he picked it up immediately
'Who is this please'
'This is Mummy Jumoke'
'Hello, how may I help you?' He asked cooly
'If you love your daughter advise her to stay away from him, or else...' She said with fire in her voice
'Or else what?' Jullie's Dad asked in anger and hung up.
'You won't believe he hung up on me'
'Mum don't bother, I should probably kill him' Jummy said as she wiped tears running down her cheeks
'Jummy, come on look at me, I am your mother and I willl do anything for you' Mrs Sandra said convincingly
'Come on stand up, let's pay this your crush a visit'
'Ogbeni standup!'
'Wetin na?' Dave said grumbling as he rolled to the other side of the already weak bedn which made it give an irritating sound.
'U no go chop?'
'I told you I'm nt hungry seh'
Dele forcefully carried Dave, putting him on the floor with his back resting on the wall. Then he gave him a Bowl of hot eba and vegetable soup.
'Dave you must eat O' 
'After all that has happened?' 
Dele looked at him in disgust 
'Dude, our final exams are close and two ladies are after you! Rich ladies for that matter. Grab your oportunity and we can go to Canada'
'Dele you don start again! Is it by force to travel out?' Dave asked angrily.
They both stared at each other angrily for a while until a phone rang.
'Guy your phone dey ring' Dele said as he gave it to Dave
'Hello I'm sorry who is this?' Dave inquired
'This is Mr Johnson'
'How may I help you sir?'
'I am Julliet's Father'
Dave froze to a spot, then he jumped off the floor
'It's a pleasure to talk with you sir'
'I want you to come to my house by this time Tommorrow. I have something for you'
'Of course sir'
'Bye sir' he said and hung up
'who b dat?' Dele asked
'Na Jullie pa.......
The door opened suddenly and they entered.
Two ladies entered
'Yuck!, Is this his house?' She asked
'Yes mum'
Two hefty guys entered with them
Dave and Dele were practically shaking and planning for the next move
'Hi Dave' 
'Why are you doing this?'
'Meet my mum'
'Awwn he's cute' Mrs Sandra said
Mrs Sandra walked towards the bed were Dave sat and made a signal. Another guy came from outside with a box.
'Let me guess you want to bribe me?'
'Ohh, he's not just cute he's also intelligient' 
She placed the box on Dave's lap and opened a box full of Dollars.
'You can get all this, only if you dump that bitch for my daughter'

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