If you have been following the trend, jamb gets stricter every here, they bring up new rules to try to minimize examination malpractice .
Below is the complete list of Jamb prohibited items 
1. Watches
2. Pen/Biro
3. Mobile Phones or Similar Electronic Devices
4. Spy Reading Glasses Which Should be Scrutinized
5. Calculators or Similar Electronic Devices
6. USB, CD, Hard Disk, and or Simllar Storage Devices
7. Books and Any Reading/Writing Material
8. Cameras

9. Recorders
10. Microphones
11. Ear Pieces
12. Ink/Pen Readers
13. Smart Lenses
14. Smart Rings/Jewellry
15. Smart Buttons
16. Bluetooth Devices
17. Key Holders
18. ATM Cards
19. Erasers

Wishing you success in your exams. 

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