15 types of people you'll meet in school

15 types of people you'll meet in school
1. The Gurus :  These are the set of guys and ladies that will argue with the lecturer, they organise tutorials.  These set of people will not come to class yet they will teach those in class. 
2. Music Freaks :  All these set of people are always with their earpiece or headsets.  You see them singing during any free Time(especially ladies). They are never tired of singing. 
3. Guys or ladies freak : For the guys you'll always see them with girls.. The girls will always be found with guys.  They are the type that jump from one relationship to the other. 
4. Celebs :  All these  set of people are either musicains,bloggers
5. Fashion Freaks/ Selfie Freaks: These set of people always put on the latest clothes and use the latest phones in town. The ladies in this group can't do without wearing makeup . They can take pictures like... . even during lectures you'll see them taking pictures. 
6. God Freaks(Spiricocos and Alfas) : This set of people are very spiritual. They don't take nonsense and they are behave differently from others
7Latecomers : These set of people will never come to class early.  They always stand at the back of the class and atimes they roam about the school.  But some of them end up topping the class. 
8.Comedians : These set of people are mostly guys(Majority of them are short) lol!..  They will always make the class lively. If these guys don't come to school,  the whole class will feel it. 
9.Noise makers: All these set of people try to crack jokes but end up disturbing the class with their noise. 
10.Itk's : All these set of people act like they know too much!  They argue with lecturers but end up with average results. 
11.Silent ones: These set of people will never talk in class(majorly ladies). A large number of them are smart. 
12.Braggers : These set of people brag about how much their parents have or how much they have. Many of them live fake lives. 
13.Business Minded/Money Freaks: These set of people (guys especially) will look for a business opportunity in every situation. They don't depend on anyone. They are entrepreneurs by nature
14.The G guys and Oloshos : hmm  I don't need to explain this... 
15.The Fighters  and peacemakers: Some people can't do without fighting.These set of people love to fight, probably to show their strength or to show they are to be respected. But whenever they fight there will always be peacemakers who settle the fight 
  If there is any I have skipped, Pls let me know... 
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