Unilag Tv Channel 184 on Startimes Launched

Unilag Tv

The University of Lagos, Akoka has just launched its  very first television station.

It is on Channel 184 on StarTimes Digital Broadcasting Channel. Because  of this, Unilag has become the first university to run a campus TV not only in Nigeria, but in West Africa.

 The Vice-Chancellor said this during the launch “ Today, I am very glad that the university has invited you to announce that Unilag has blazed the trail again by establishing the first Campus Television not only in Nigeria but in the whole of West Africa"

 He further added that this Campus TV, first of its kind which will be privately run and will be a reference point for credible and factual information that will take broadcasting in Nigeria to the next level.

“Unilag TV will fly on the platform of StarTimes Digital Broadcasting Channel 184, with the state-of-the-art equipment and technical facilities in place.
”The TV would deliver premier, local, national and international news as they unfold, and become the most trusted news source in Nigeria.

“Unilag TV Channel 184 would serve as a reference point in sports, documentaries, quality entertainment and as an instrument for educational advancement. It will also have a time belt for our Distance Learning Teaching Packages.

“In other words, the television will also serve as an instructional facility for our Distance Learning students,“ the Unilag VC explained.
 His words, “Another significant benefit is that Unilag TV channel 184 would be deployed to keep our students and the wider community informed of developments in the university through the dedication of one hour to Unilag news.

Professor Muyiwa Falaiye has said that though the Tv is new it will be able to compete with top Tv stations around the world.

According to Falaiye, “ This station will be very professional, producing our local contents and buying the ones which can not produce now.“ However, in the next year, we will have over 60 percent contents. And with our state of the art equipment, we are set to become an active player in the market while poising to challenge the existing order in the industry.

Here we go Unilag now has a Tv who is going next. Unilag got a Tv before the Premier University,I think thats an achievement.
Unilag Official website click here
Unilag Tv website click here

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