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Top 5 State Universities in Nigeria Updated

This list is subject to change but for now this list is the current list. This list only helps and guides students in choosing the university of their choice.
1. Rivers State University of Science and Technology  (RSUST) - This school is a symbol of excellence ...Though not as popular as the schools below. It has topped them in this ranking. They currently rank 10 in Nigeria,the only state university in the top 10
Website rsu.edu.ng

2. Adekunle Ajasin University  (AAU)- This school though  not as popular as it's twin Eksu.. The school is a standards school, their school fees used to be very cheap until recently. Nigeria. They rank 14 in Nigeria 
Website aaua.edu.ng

3. Ladoja Akintola University of Technology  (LAUTECH)- Many people don't know that this school is a state university,  lautech  is owned by two states Oyo and Osun state. This school has encountered several issues with the government  and now they are finally gaining ground. They rank 17 in Nigeria.
Their official website lautech.edu.ng

4. Lagos State University  (Lasu) -  This school is located in Lagos  the main centre of commerce, entertainment  etc. Lasu is known to produce standard graduates in fact many celebrities finished from Lasu. They rank 18 in Nigeria
Official website

5. Olabisi Onabanjo University  (OOU) -  popularly known as Osu... because it used to be called Ogun State University, the name has changedfor years..but you know Nigerians na,they don't like change..lol. This  school should top this list sef.  It is a very old school with close to 100 courses....with several campuses.  This school is the talk of the town.Nigeria They rank 22 in Nigeria.
Official website  oauagoiwoye.education.ngburo

Other top schools that didn't reach top 5 but are very good are, Eksu,Esust ,Kwasu,Osu etc.
The data used for this was gotten from 4icu.org

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