A fresher in the department of English Language, College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, has been reportedly nabbed by the police for allegedly having his classmates's under wears in his possession, wrapped with fetish Items.
According to the news we received the suspect, Tunde popularly known as Zacheus is a yahoo boy and just got a new car recently. He was even bragging about how much he bought it.  

For some time they had been series of missing boxers and undies.
But another incident happened a boxers belonging to his course mate identified as Comrade Akinola Ayomide, popularly known as Mayegun went missing and one thing led to another, it was found in the victims wardrobe by another student, the student claimed it was easy to identify that particular boxers because it has holes and it was a little bit oversized for Akinola. When he looked further he reportedly found two more under wears in a calabash along with some fetish items
The student cried out and got other students attentions and they started to beat the suspect and was at the verge of setting him ablaze when the porters of the hostel intervened. Luckily for him, the Directorate of Students’ Affairs, the security personnel, and student representative bodies reportedly rushed to the scene to control the situation.
The student has been reportedly handed over to the Ikere-Ekiti Area Command . The Director of Student Affairs, Charles Egunjobi expressed his disappointment in the students actions, he advised them not to take laws into their hands, he further said he expects such situation to be followed with a lasting solution through non-violence mean.
The question is, must u stoop so low to Steal boxers because of money? 


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