Important Info for all Jambites

Important info before and entering the Jamb exam hall

Jamb is short for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board
It is a qualifying exam into tertiary institutions it can also be called UTME(Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination)
The cutoff mark for most schools is 180.
If you have written Jamb before this may not be for you.Therw are number of things every Jambite must have apart from reading to ensure a successful examination
*Depending on Orijo(expo) is the first step to failing, go and ask people before you at the end many of them end up with 180
* You must come with your examination date slip
* You must come with no writing materials except probably a pencil
* Wear short sleeve shirts because when they screen you before entering they will think you are carrying a micro chip and at times when they search you it can destabilize you
*Try not to put on shoes cos they might ask you to remove them , although they will ask you to put it on back...but the whole stuff of putting off your shoe can be annoying.
*Ensure that your pockets are empty. Not even the smallest paper should be found there
* Do not read on the night before your exam,all you need to do is have a good sleep
*Ensure you eat very well before entering the exam hall
*Please get to the exam hall at least an hour before it starts
Inside the Exam hall
*Don't start the exam until you are asked to
*Read the questions carefully before answering them
*Do not rush to answer questions ,the question you think you got correctly might be wrong I.e you might mistakenly click on A when you wanted to pick B
*Don't rush because the person sitting next to you has finished
*Pray before you start
* If your system misbehaves pls tell the invigilator immediately
If you don't follow this instructions,even if you finished the whole Jamb past question you may still fail.
You still have the time now.
Read and Prepare
Don't replace prayer with hardwork.
See you after your exams😉
✌Ace cares

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