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Breaking! NANS to begin Nationwide protest on January 7th 2019

The National Association of Nigerian Students on Monday has passed a Notice to all Students and Student Union Bodies for the mobilization for Mass Action against FG, ASUU and ASUP 

This was revealed to Campus Catch by NANS president Comrade Akpan Bamidele in an official Memo passed on Monday Evening.
"You may recall that NANS issued a two week ultimatum to FG, ASUP and ASUU to reopen our Campuses or face mass action by angry Nigerian Students on 23rd December, 2018. A week after the ultimatum, none of the parties have made appreciable steps in resolving the crisis", Bamidele told Campus Catch.

"On this note, I wish to inform all our students which are the student Union Governments, Joint campus comitees, Zonal structures, NANS Senate, NANS National Executives, and our organs that include NAUS, NAPS, NANCES, LAWSAN etc on notice to begin meetings and mobilization immediately ahead of the mass protest commencing on 7th January 2019", he said.


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