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    How to check if you’ve been admitted on Caps 2019 Updated!

    Many students are confused on how to check their admission status on caps.
    One thing I always tell aspirants is , you need to relax and be careful so you don't become a victim of scammers.
    And I will advise students not be in a hurry to check caps.
    What is Caps?
    Caps is short for Central Admission Processing System
    Brief history of caps?
    It was adopted by Jamb in 2017. It was used a system to curb admission runs etc. I wont really say if it was successful but these is Nigeria and we still use it till today

    Jamb to start using NIN(National Identification Number) for registration read more...

    For you to check your admission status on caps just follow the steps

    ·      Login to jamb.org.ng/efacility
      Look for check Admission Status

    When you get to a page looking like the picture below,input your registration number

    The reason why you always see welcome whenever you login is because you aren’t using a pc, but if you have a google chrome browser, at the top left corner, you’ll see settings, change it to desktop view. 
    Then you can access it
    For my operamini users all you need to do is simple….

    Go to the link ontop of the screen and edit something carefully http://caps.jamb.gov.ng/app_candidates/default.aspx?a=1lMb4ZqO/yYzj/2Edbs6gQ==&r=...

    The link will be something like this  so just move your hand  to that place where they wrote default and change it to candidateadmission.

    Back to where we stopped…

    If you have followed the steps until this point, Im sure you can see your jamb reg no in a box like this

    All you need to do now is, click on search…..

    That’s all

    I remain Ace.

    For any other thing confusing concerning Jamb, admission etc. 

    • Contact Ace/Undergragra on +234 9019531874

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