Friends inlove; Episode 2

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Episode 2
'Babe!' Julliet shouted making Jummy bring the car to a halt. 
'We just passed the mall' 
'So what?' Jummy asked frowning.
'We are going for shopping today na'
'Is that why you shouted?'
'Sorry babe'
Jummy nd Julliet walked into the Palms Shopping mall which is said to be the biggest in Nigeria, they walked in and started picking stuffs they wanted, they took a couple of selfies and suddenly they realized they had a stalker.
'Hi, I'm Paul' The stalker said.
'Hi' Jummy and Julliet said in unison.
'You are the prettiest ladies have ever set my eyes on , is there anything you want me to do for you?' 
'God! , why are men so annoying?' Jummy said and grimaced
'Please can you excuse us for a minute?'Julliet said smiling mischeviously
'Sure'Paul replied smiling broadly
Julliet dragged her friend away from Paul's side.
'Babe what's wrong with you, don't tell me you are falling for that clown' Jummy asked suprised.
'Can't u see an opportunity here, we have to make him go home empty'Julliet said giving out a wicked laughter.
'Babe, U wicked, how we go do am na'
'Just watch and play along,Julliet said and walked back towards Paul
'So tell me ladies, what do you desire' Paul said and winked at them
'Paul, my birthday is in a month's time and I would love to shop for my birthday'Julliet said
'Wow! Go on pick anything you want'
Julliet and Jummy began picking different things,relevant and irrelevant stuffs. Paul became scared and confused.
'Mehn this girls will kill me today' Paul muttered under his breath.
'Hello ladies, Please I think that's enough'Paul finally said and smiled a little trying to conceal his fear.
'Paul, darling please just a little more'
'Omo this girls go empty my account today O, thank God say I carry atm'
After spending some minutes picking stuffs,Paul and the ladies went to the cashier to pay. On getting there something happened,Paul froze to a spot as he checked his pocket and his wallet had disappeared.
'My wallet is missing' Paul finally said and he suddenly began to sweat....
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Story written by Ace

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