Documents Required For University Admission Screening|Freshers Registration


Documents Required For University Admission Screening|Freshers Registration

What Documents Are Required For/after University Admission In Nigeria.

After you have been fully admitted, what documents are required for university admission screening aka(Matriculation screening)...  documents for freshers registration
I really want to say congratulations to all the candidates who have been offered admission into various undergraduate programmes of their various schools of choice. Same time, I wish all those yet to be offered admission all the best.
Please dont give up and keep checking your caps
You should also know that there is another screening still remaining for you.

University Admission Screening

Screening again?
 Yes, but this time you will not be writing an examination, like during JAMB or Post-UTME exercise. This time, all your credentials will be screened and if there is any misappropriation you might just loose that admission you worked so hard to get.
But you don’t have to get so scared, if you have all the documents listed below in place.
So in preparation for your registration and clearance in school, I’ve written down the list of documents you will need during the screening exercise.

Documents Needed For Admission Screening In Nigeria 

The lists of documents you’ll need during the admission screening are as follows:
  • Postutme /DE Screening Result 
  • JAMB Original Result 
  • Jamb Acknowledgement Slip
  • Jamb Admission Letter 
  • School Admission Letter 
  • A'level Result (For DE) 
  • Olevel Result 
  • Secondary School Testimonial
  • FSLC or Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLC) 
  • Primary School Testimonia
  • Passport Photograph
  • Birth Certificate / Declaration of Age
  • LGA Certificate
  • Guarantor's Letter 
  • Attestation Letter 
  • Letter of good behaviour and non membership of secret cult 
Post-UTME / DE Screening Result:
This is optional, since it’s not all schools that write exams during Post-UTME screening. So if your school wrote a Post-UTME or Direct Entry Screening examination e.g. like FUTMINNA, you are required to provide your result slip during your school screening.
I used to think this was Necessary for my school (Fuoye) until I got admitted and they didn't ask for it 😂 
JAMB Original Result:
We all know this. This is a result you print from JAMB website. It contains your scores of each subject you wrote and your passport. You should print this from a colour printer. Direct Entry candidates don’t need this. If you don’t have your JAMB Original result, CLICK HERE to print yours NOW.
This is the real proof that you wrote Jamb and it is totally different from the Jamb result slip you carry all around. Ensure you get it as soon as possible. Its just #1000 only.. 
JAMB Acknowledgement Slip:
JAMB acknowledgement slip is ONLY meant for Direct Entry candidates, this is just a proof that you register for JAMB Direct Entry exercise. Some schools might require that UTME candidates should bring it also, so we advise you to go along with it during screening to be on a safer side.
JAMB Admission Letter:
This document is printed from JAMB’s website. Both UTME and DE candidates should have this. If you have been offered admission, you can proceed to and JAMB Accredited CBT Centre to print yours.
Have you been admitted for real? Then you need to get this... Imagine a situation where school refused to give you admission.. With your jamb admission letter you can go to your school and they'll have no choice but to give you admission. 
See also: who gives admission, school or jamb? 
This Jamb admission letter is so important even more than tree jamb original result. It is also #1000
School Admission Letter:
Few schools make available their admission letter online for printing. i.e. you print your admission letter from the school’s website. School like FUTMINNA practice this, while other schools like BUK only make available an UNOFFICIAL Admission Letter on their site, which candidates will use to collect the original OFFICIAL Admission Letter in school later on. Others on the other hand, give this to students in school e.g. KADPOLY.
A’level Result:
This result is ONLY meant for Direct Entry Candidates, if you are a JAMBITE ignore this. A’level result is basically your ND, NID, IJMB, Diploma, NCE certificates etc.
O’level Result:
This is just basically your WAEC, NECO or NABTEB result. Both UTME and Direct Entry Candidates MUST provide this.
😂 You should know this is important right? So sad, many students lose admission at this stage.. 
Secondary School Testimonial:
Most schools require this document. It’s a proof to show that you finished from the secondary school you claimed during your registrations.It isn't always necessary... In Fuoye, it isn't necessary. 
FSLC or Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLC):
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) is your Primary School leaving certificate. Both UTME and DE candidates might need to possess this document during screening exercise.It isn't always important for most universities.. For my school... They'll never ask for it 
Primary School Testimonial:
This document is totally different from your FSLC listed above. Though, most schools don’t require this document as your FSLC certificate is good enough for them. But anyway, to be on a safer side you should have this document also.
Passport Photograph
You need to have at least 40 recent coloured passport photographs, because they will be needed at different points in some cases 40 may not even be enough. Ensure you get Red and White passport photographs... It may not be up to 40 but it will be definitely above 20..
You'll need it for medicals, I'd card and other registrations sha.. 
Birth Certificate / Declaration of Age:
We should all know this. This is basically important as it’s the first prove to show that you are a citizen of Nigeria. But in a situation when you don’t have a Birth Certificate, you can also use a Declaration of Age. So if you don’t have a birth certificate, just go to any high court closest to you and to get a Declaration of Age document/Affidavit for nothing less than N500 (depending on the location of the court). This is compulsory for both UTME and DE candidates.
LGA Certificate:
This is your Local Government Area (LGA) certificate, this document proofs that you are from the local government you claim during your JAMB and Post-UTME screening registrations. Most schools prefer that candidates should come along the LGA certificates directly from their Local Government Area to that of Liaison Offices.  All Candidates should have this document. 

Guarantor's Letter

For a school like mine (Fuoye), the Guarantors letter is very important and it's so much like the attestation letter 

Attestation Letter 

Just like the guarantors letter, the attestation letter is very important... The only difference is, the one is signed by the parents or guardian and the other is signed by a clergy or an important person in your community. 

Letter of Good Behaviour and non membership of secret cult 

Why is this letter so important? Schools are trying to reduce the rate of cultism in the country.. So they just have no choice... I even heard that Unilag had to perform drug test 😂... Thats shii really cracked me up
Proof of payments (tellers), Post-UTME registration slip, JAMB registration slip, and every little piece of paper you value as credential might just be useful for you as you can really predict all the documents that may be required of you during screening. So we advise you to carry every little piece of valuable paper along.

You are now an Undergragra(UNDERgraduate doing GRAGRA) 
We believe that if you can provide the necessary documents amongst the listed ones above, you are go to go for your screening / clearance exercise.
If you feel I omitted any document, please feel free to notify us using the comment box below.
If you have been admitted, please share your story... It might lift someone up...
I remain your favourite education blogger
♥ Undergragra 


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  1. The post is helpful
    Thanks so much undergragra

  2. How long should it take to go for the screening from the day of admission?, It might take a little time to gather all those files,

    1. It depends... I understand that it might take a while... Just make sure you get it within one to 2 months after you get admitted


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