Students of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu University, Igbariam, Anambra state, are protesting the deadline given by the management of the institution to pay their school fees or risk missing out in the school-wide quizzes.

The students were reported to have deserted the classroom on the arrival of a lecturer who had come for a quiz session. They claimed to have done this in solidarity with their colleagues locked out for not paying their fees.

We later learnt that the university management had in a meeting mandated all lecturers to give university wide quiz from 23rd to 26th October, 2018 and the students were expected to have paid their school fees.

However, this development did not go down well with most of the students, among who were those who were both those who had complied and the defaulters.

The mass communication students of the college, for instance, unanimously decided to boycott quiz on the course, ‘MAC 303: New Techniques in Book Publishing’, taught by Dr. Chinwe Ezeoke.

According to the students, who spoke  on confidence, “We are not happy the way the new administration is going about school fees payments. They are not just considerate given the untold hardship that our parents have to contend with.

“We just resumed schools on the 3rd of September, 2018 and, barely a month after, the vice chancellor, Prof. Greg Nwakoby, had issued warning and threats on the students who are yet to pay their school fees. He should rescind this decision because the students are aggrieved”.

The students further cried foul over current happenings in the campus, urging the vice chancellor to tread with caution.

Meanwhile, the authorities of the university Students Union Government (SUG) after a closed-door meeting with the management, said the university-wide quiz and payment deadline had been shifted.

Part of the statement released by the union in the official website ‘©ANSUGIST MEDIA’ reads, “After due consultation and strategic meeting between the SUG and the university management as regards quiz/payment of school fees, the union wishes to announce that the university wide quiz stands suspended and a grace of one week given for students to scout for funds for their fees.

“All quiz exams are hereby shifted by one week from today, 24th of October, 2018, so as to enable the students to pay their school fees. This was prompted by the rising anxiety in the student community and need to maintain balance of peace in the university”.

The union, however, appreciated the patience and solidarity of the students during the disturbing hour, assuring their commitment in protecting the interest of the students at all times.


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