How to prepare for Jamb in 2021 and how to pass jamb cbt


How to prepare for Jamb in 2021 and how to pass jamb cbt

prepare for jamb



How can I prepare for Jamb and pass Jamb cbt excellently?

Preparing for Jamb can be very easy . The truth is while you prepare for the Utme/Jamb can be very difficult.

Reading at midnight’s aka burning the midnight oil,everyone has a style for preparing for Jamb.


On this post, Ill be teaching

How to prepare for Jamb in 2021

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It is no longer news that the Jamb 2021 is around the corner. For you to be reading this post you must be planning to write the upcoming Jamb. The steps I will put here have been tested and trusted, if you follow this steps judiciously I assure you 250+ in your upcoming Jamb


10 ways to prepare for Jamb and pass Jamb cbt 2021

The method here is how I used to prepare for Jamb in 2018

1. You need to understand Jamb and put away fear .

Do you really want to pass Jamb cbt , just throw away that guy called fear.

On a more serious note, Jamb gets way easier year in year out, Jamb repeats a lot of questions but not all the time. The quality of Jamb questions have dwindled so put away that fear of failing jamb even if you have failed before.

Jamb is overhyped oo, you can destroy Jamb

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2. Understand yourself. 

The reason why many students keep failing Jamb is because they don’t understand themselves. You can not pass an exam without reading. Don’t say because you want to pass you read in the night when you know you cant, one very good time to read is early in the morning ,yours can be any time discover it.

I personally got to understand myself more and it really helped me while preparing for Jamb.

I can read anytime and anywhere, but I read better at night..

So while I prepared for Jamb cbt, I read during the day and read even more in the night.


3. READ! Attend tutorials

Students keep failing Jamb because they fail to read. You need to read for about 4-5 hrs a day. I don’t need to stress this, reading is important. If you have issues with reading for long then please attend tutorials, don’t go to a tutorial because of a lady or a guy, pursue your goal.

To prepare for Jamb, you need to take pleasure in reading, honestly when I read it looks as if someone paused time and Ill just start dozing off.

I took pleasure in reading over time to the extent that,anyday I don’t read my day is incomplete.


4. Run away from social media .

Social media (facebook,whatsapp etc) are time wasters, like a month to your exam go away from social media because it distracts. Instead of having a facebook or whatsapp group discussion make the discussion face to face , set out a date time and venue.

Instead of running away from social media completely, you can use it to your advantage

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5. Practice past questions

This is important because it helps you understand the way Jamb past questions. Practice the English comprehension passages very important.

The more you practice, the more you get to understand Jamb even better and better..


6. Download the Jamb brochure and syllabus.

You can easily download this online. You need the syllabus so you don’t read amiss. You need brochure so you can registered the required subjects for your desired course. You need the Jamb brochure to prepare for Jamb adequately

7. Pray .

Pray to your God , this is necessary. Do this before reading, while reading and after reading, if you pray without reading, you will fail!


8. Set a goal. 

This probably should be the first, before reading set the score you want to get, you may think it doesn’t work but it does. Set a goal work towards it and pray along.

9. Don’t fast and read.

If you are hungry you may not be able to accimilate easily. Food is important, its very cool to fast but don’t fast and read please.

Personally, I tried fasting and reading….That thing na die oo.. Nothing entered my head at all

10. Sleep very well the night before your exam. 

      Many people will still fail after reading because they didn’t sleep well the night before their exam. You cant cheat nature! Sleep well and leave the rest for God

Don’t forget to keep checking for any issue pertaining admission

If you follow this steps I guarantee you success.

By God’s grace I see you coming out in flying colours




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